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How many childcare references do I need?

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Dear au pair,

Depending on the country you want to go to the requested / recommended number of references that have to be handed in by you vary.

More information hereabout is available in each chosen country, sections "prerequisites for au pairs - education / other restrictions".

You should know that the more versatile your childcare experience is the better it is for you. This versatility shows the host family that you have a broad experience with children in everyday situations and that you know how to handle them. And this is exactly what the host family is looking for.

Best regards,


Dear Ilona and other au pairs, 

you can now add all your references and other relevant documents to your profile, under my documents. It's an easy way to share all the relevant information about your experience with children with only certain host families. Or you can choose to show them to everyone at connectAuPair and that way increase your chances to find a host family soon. 

More information about the reference letter and how to get one can be found from https://connectaupair.world/reference-letter/

Best regards,
Taina from the connectAuPair team

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