diventare au pair / famiglie ospiti la cosa giusta per me?

How Can I recieve any messages from the host famillies?

I have made an account 7days ago and sent messages to 3 host families, but didn't recieve any respond. Can I know what's wrong?

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Dear Ismail,

there's probably nothing wrong at all - there are several reasons, why answers from families take longer:

  • There are about 3-times more au pairs than families (this seems to be a kind of natural ratio, as it's the same on other matching platforms and probably also with "traditional" agencies), so families get a lot of messages from au pairs and it takes time to screen and answer all of them. 
  • Parents in families who are looking for au pairs are normally working all week long and therefore only have time to look for an au pair in the weekend. And if there's e.g. a birthday to celebrate on the weekend, it can easily be two weeks they don't find time to care about choosing an au pair... (I know from my own experience, that I sometimes didn't find time for even more than two weeks...)
  • The family already found an au pair and forgot to change their status to "already matched" (which hast to do with the above problem of not having enough time...)

So what can you do? 

Make your profile and your messages stand out of the crowd!

  • Add nice pictures
  • Tell about yourself, why you want to be an au pair and what kind of family you're looking for (in the more about me section)
  • Add this info in the languages of your desired host countries (so if you e.g. want to come to Germany, add the translation to German)
  • Only message families whose requirements you match and contact them with really personal messages

I cross my fingers for you, that you soon find a matching family!

Best regards,
Maria from the cAP team

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