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Do I need to write my profile's info in english or mother tongue?

... Because this page asks me to write the finnish.

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Hi Iida, 

thanks for your question!

It's a good idea to use also English, especially if your mother tongue is Finnish - not that many families would understand you if you only used Finnish : ) 

You are able to choose the languages you want to use for your "more about me" section in your profile. The settings are done in your my cAP account, where you can for example choose both, Finnish and English, for the languages you want to use in your profile. Using more languages increases your possibilities to find a matching family, as a common language is very important matching criteria. 

Hope this helps. Onnea isäntäperheen etsintään!

Kind regards,
Taina from the connectAuPair team

Thank you! Yes I was writing finnish because the page asked me to do it but now I have changed my language to English so that’s good!


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