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Are there aupair opportunities for East Africans?

I have been searching for a host family for over a year now and everyone seems to flee as soon as I mention Africa. It is starting to get very frustrating. Does anyone have any tips on becoming an aupair from Africa?

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Dear Charlotte, 

according to a community question that was posted a while ago, it is not always easy to find a host family when coming from Africa - I hope the answer to her question also helps you, as  there definitely are  African au pairs who have found a host family! 

You might also want to read the post being an African au pair in Germany where Visola shares her experiences on being an au pair from Kenya. 

I wish you the best of luck in finding your host family and I really hope the examples of other African au pairs courage you to keep on trying and reaching for your dream to become an au pair!

Kind regards,
Taina from the connectAuPair team

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