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N. ..
beeing homesick doesnt mean that you do not like your HosteFamily
When Start planing the Trip you need to make your self clear that you  will get homesick somewhen
11 settembre 2019N. ..2 Risposte
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M. K.
Brexit and Au-Pairs from Britain
We're a German-Australian family living in Munich, looking for an english speaking Au-Pair. Someone from England would be ideal, as t (...)
29 settembre 2019M. K.2 Risposte
ultima attività: 13 ottobre 2019
D. S.
Is there an "application ConnectAuPair" ? I can't find anyone ...
30 settembre 2019D. S.4 Risposte
ultima attività: 7 ottobre 2019
A. C.
Can the host family be my sponsor for my visa?
I need a general student type 4 visa and one of the requirements is to have a bank account where the money inside reflects all the money (...)
27 agosto 2019A. C.1 Risposte
ultima attività: 28 agosto 2019
M. A.
is it sutable to find host family online or through agency..?
7 agosto 2019M. A.1 Risposte
ultima attività: 17 agosto 2019
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P. M.
Can the host family pay for all my travel expenses?
P. M. • au pair au pair • Zimbabwe
1 Answerslatest answer: 1 month ago 222 views
d. s.
Como hacer un au pauir con 30 años?
d. s. • au pair au pair • Spagna
1 Answerslatest answer: 2 months ago2 have this question 1082 views
A. R.
Did Eu citizen want to have a Filipina Au pair,?
A. R. • au pair au pair • Filippine
0 Answers 407 views
B. A.
Can I get a host family from Germany here?
B. A. • au pair au pair • Nigeria
0 Answers 615 views
J. L.
❀ Looking for a host family , I'm good I promise ❀
J. L. • au pair au pair • Filippine
0 Answers 960 views
d. e.
profil der Person die Au pair sucht
d. e. • famiglia famiglia • Italia
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Maria Knauer
Segnalare bug e problemi in fastMatch
Maria Knauerteam di connectAuPair team di connectAuPair • Germania
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D. E.
Do host families usually pay for au pair plane tickets?
D. E. • au pair au pair • Filippine
5 Answerslatest answer: 1 year ago4 have this question 4173 views
T. M.
Potreste aiutarmi a trovare una famiglia ospite?
T. M. • au pair au pair • Filippine
8 Risposteultime risposte: 24 aprile 20187 hanno questa domanda 2933 visualizzazioni
I. A.
La mia famiglia chiede referenze riguardo la mia esperienza nel prendermi cura dei bambini - Quali potrei fornirgli?
I. A. • au pair au pair • Australia, Francia, Germania, Svizzera, Turchia
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