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FREE for au pairs and FAMILIES

Posted by September 28, 2019 • 2 minutes read

From today, also FAMILIES can use connectAuPair for FREE!


Over the last years, we've put an incredible amount of love, time and money into building up connectAuPair - simply because we have this vision to provide much better services than matching platforms do today.

From the very beginning, we wanted to make connectAuPair a new type of matching platform, free for au pairs and families while integrating agencies (who have to pay to use the platform). 

For different reasons we've deviated from this plan and started to make connectAuPair a much better - but basically just another - matching platform.

ConnectAuPair currently has more than 25.000 registered users, but not enough of them use the platform actively to unfold the full potential of helpful functions like the detail filters in the matching, the search for other au pairs with nearBy or asking and answering questions in the community. This is really a pity, knowing how much effort went into setting up these functions and how valuable they would be if just enough people would use them...

Due to the very few premium memberships we currently can't even cover the running cost of the platform, so we had to take a difficult decision: 

We could close down connectAuPair - and by that lose everything we've built up over the last four years (but at least stop loosing more money). 

We could go back to our initial idea - which would mean further investments into building up the functionalities needed to integrate agencies. As we don't have any money left, we would need to finance this step probably with help of a Kickstarter campaign. And in the meantime cover the running cost by ourselves.

We decided for the latter, and at the same time agreed, that until we're (perhaps some time in the future) able to earn money with agencies, it doesn't make sense to keep families from using connectAuPair by asking for a premium membership fee.

For us it's more important to be able to help au pairs and families to find their perfectMatch and to optimally support them throughout their whole au pair time, than to earn money.

It would make us incredibly happy to see that the effort we've put into connectAuPair actually brings value to au pairs and families (even if it doesn't bring any money to us).

So please spread the word and tell all au pairs and families you know, that connectAuPair is now totally for free, also for families!

Maria Knauer
September 28, 2019
Posted by
Maria Knauer